Overcoming the Point of No Return

When I watch movies, I always have total problems with, firstly:

starting at all, and, secondly: finishing the film. (Except for

mindless action movies, they always work…)


Why? I have to overcome the point of no return first. This is the

point in the story where the greatest shame, the worst betrayal, the

most embarrassing accidents are over.

A Victim of the Arc of Suspense

It's only at this point that I really start to enjoy movies. Before

that I have to constantly stop myself from running away from the

unpleasant feeling created by the suspense and turning off the TV.


The best example: Narnia. Just watched it. This evening.

An incredible movie!


And I never dared to before --- all these years! And the day before

yesterday I had started already, but then had to take a break.


Maybe Lord of the Rings next? Oh boy…

Have you ever observed yourself while watching movies?

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments!


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Stay healthy and happy.

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