English · 30. November 2021
When I watch movies, I always have total problems with, firstly: starting at all, and, secondly: finishing the film. (Except for mindless action movies, they always work…) Why? I have to overcome the point of no return first. This is the point in the story where the greatest shame, the worst betrayal, the most embarrassing accidents are over. Only then I can really enjoy a movie.
English · 11. Januar 2021
The Reason Behind Foreground Elements in Landscape Photography
Everybody tells you to put a foreground into your landscapes. But why? Today, I want to give you the in-depth reasoning behind that practice.
English · 25. April 2020
A burst of feelings about my PhD, uncertainty, and right or wrong.
English · 21. September 2019
In every creative field, or generally in all professions that deviate from the so-called "norm", one can sometimes feel quite alone. Personally, I am lucky to have grown up in a very understanding and supportive family – and yet I am, over and over again, overcome by doubts about what I am doing. These are my reflections on my current situation.
English · 11. Dezember 2018
In my bachelor degree we talked about a law case that I consider to be quite timeless. A woman with two big bags had been photographed in front of a pawn shop. She then found her image in an exhibition and took the photographer to court. The reason: She was holding the view that it seemed as if she had just came out of the pawn office. She thought that could damage her reputation. The case was going on for a while, it was being passed on from instance to instance – and then, the resolution:...
English · 03. Dezember 2018
The goal of this article is to give you a new layer of information to add to your daily life. Being an artist means being able to analyse and interpret what you’re perceiving. This is what allows you to create work that shares your point of view with your audience in a concise manner and ultimately ends up being a motor of change in society.